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Car Product

Car Product

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Home of the Viral CarPlay Kit.

With our universal setup, you can add Carplay to any vehicle without the hassle of complicated wiring.

Just connect the QuickPlay to your phone via Bluetooth/Wi-fi, and enjoy wireless access to phone calls, maps, music, texts, notifications, and more!

  • Hands-Free Calls

    take a call hands free through voice commands, no need to take your hands off the wheel.

  • Perfect for Music & Podcasts

    Connect to Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube with ease.

  • Easy installation and Setup

    Simply plug in the power cord, connect your phone, and start enjoying CarPlay.

  • Next-Level Navigation

    Sick of outdated nav systems? With QuickPlay, the Maps app is a click away!


What's Included

  • 1 QuickPlay Tablet
  • 1 Shade Cover
  • 1 Cable Fixer
  • 1 Power Cable and 12V Plugin
  • 1 Sticky Pad
  • 1 Extended Tablet Holder

How does it Connect?

Our QuickPlay kit connects to your car's speakers via FM radio or an Aux cord. Simply set your QuickPlay tablet to the same station as your car's radio, and enjoy!

Does it Work with My Car?

Our QuickPlay setup kit is compatable with any vehicle that has a radio.

Shipping Policy

All of our orders ship with USPS, and take 10-12 days to arrive. Please allow up to 48 hours for order processing!

Return Policy

We provide a free, 30-day return period! If you're not satisfied, let us know by email and we will make it right!